How to install Ubuntu Unity on Linux Mint 17

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I was testing to install Ubuntu Unity on Linux Mint 17. The installation was successful and I feel like using Ubuntu 14.04 rather than Linux Mint 17 :). I love the flexibility of Linux system. We can install other Desktop environment on our Linux.

unity on linux mint 17 1

Thats not Ubuntu, that’s Linux Mint 17 with Unity desktop.

If you want to try, you can use the following commands to install Ubuntu Unity on Linux Mint 17. I am using Linux Mint 17 Qiana Cinnamon 64 bit edition. I haven’t tested another version of Linux Mint.

[codesyntax lang=”bash”]


When done, simply log out or reboot Linux Mint 17. On the login screen you can choose UbuntuĀ from the list before logging in.

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  1. tiago says:

    Doesn’t work on my mint 17. How can I remove?

  2. Johan says:

    Not working here either. Did you enable any extra repos?
    (Yes I know, that Mint is a derivative of Ubuntu and the standard Ububtu repos should logically all be enabled).

  3. caron gangoo says:

    Is this thing really working …. or a bloody hoax ? Do you think it’s worthy to try it in a 17 Vm ?



  4. caron gangoo says:

    Does not work on a mint 17 64 bits ! I assume that there’s a bug at the Desktop Manager level because on the opposite of my Mint 17 32 bits Vm WHERE IT WORKED , it does not ask to choose between LIGHTDM and MDM when setting up ….. or simply is not compliant with 64 bits Os….



  5. narendra says:

    Thank you… it’s working fine :-)

  6. codyaj1995 says:

    Anyway of doing this without changing to lightdm? I prefer MDM.

  7. Cool As Ice says:

    It works if you use lightdm
    On my Linux Mint 17.1 I had to install:
    unity-tweak-tool overlay-scrollbar indicator-appmenu hud unity-lens-files

    To have a complete experience

    sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool overlay-scrollbar indicator-appmenu hud unity-lens-files

    • Newbie says:

      it works, thanks
      but how do i revert mate ??

    • Randymanme says:

      I’m using a HP Compaq tc4400 (notebook/tablet), 2.0 GHz, 3.0 GB ram, 160 GB hdd to run Windows 10; Ubuntu 14.04; Linux Mint 17.3/Mate.

      Since space is rather limited, I have both Mint and Ubuntu sharing a single home partition, and I can salvage another 10 GB by installing Unity on Mint and deleting Ubuntu’s / partition.

      After I read the article but before I read the comments, I installed Unity, but I didn’t select LightDM — I selected MDM and so Unity isn’t working.

      How do activate LightDM and deactivate MDM?

      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  8. Barez says:

    worked like a charm

  9. Barez says:

    forgot to mention im on Linux Mint 17.2 64 bit

  10. Edward says:

    Thanks it worked! I couldn’t install Ubuntu because of my graphics card so I installed Linux Mint Compatible mode and than I installed Ubuntu the code on here and it worked so now I can enjoy Ubuntu too :) Thanks!

  11. Edward says:

    Yes it works just select lightdm :) I have Cinnamon and Unity on my Linux mint now :)

  12. pioutw says:

    thank you very much

    works on LM17.3 Mate (and many others desktop environments)

    i’ve used the initial tuto + the command in Cool As Ice answer + lightdm + removed .Xauthority

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