How to install Virtualbox Guest Additions on Fedora 25

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Fedora 25 has been released recently and most people want to try this new Fedora 25 on their computer via Virtualbox. Unfortunately, Fedora 25 does not shipped with Guest Additions installed, so you won’t get full screen features on your Virtualbox with this Fedora 25 Workstation. And here I want to show you how to fix it by installing Virtualbox Guest Additions on Fedora 25.

If you are willing to run Fedora 25 on Virtualbox as Guest Machine, I suggest you to allocate 5 GB of RAM to Fedora 25 guest machine. It will run faster and smoother.  

Please follow these guide to install Virtualbox Guest Additions on Fedora 25

Step 1. Update Kernel

Execute this command to update your kernel.


Step 2. Reboot Fedora

Step 3. Install required packages


Step 4. Mount Virtualbox Guest Additions.

Go to Devices and click Insert Guest Additions CD Images as shown in picture below.


Then you should see a new window opened on your screen and click Run to start the installation.


If all goes well, you will see this kind of notification.


Reboot Fedora and now you should have a Fedora 25 with Virtualbox Guest Additions installed. Have a try.

This is my Fedora 25 on top of Ubuntu 16.04.


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  1. Richard G. says:

    Is there a minimum version of VBox required? I’m running VBox 5.0.20 and it failed for me. I can’t post/upload my screenshot but the message I got was…

    Building the main Guest Additions module[FAILED]
    (Look at /var/log/vboxadd-install.log to find out what went wrong)

    Looking through the vboxadd-install.log, I can see the build error:
    /tmp/vbox.0/r0drv/linux/timer-r0drv-linux.c: In function ‘rtTimerLnxStartSubTimer’

    implicit declaration of function ‘mod_timer_pinned’

    It’s been many years since I wrote C code. I could probably fix this but if I need to just upgrade my version of VBox, that would be easier.

  2. Richard G. says:

    OK, I upgraded my version of VBox to 5.1.10, matching yours. And I managed to successfully build the vbox additions module(s).

    Unfortunately VBox still uses for it’s graphics library. I was hoping to preview Wayland using VBox. Oh well – will have to wait for VBox to support Wayland I guess.

    Thank you for the article.

  3. sahin says:

    Thank you.

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