Install beautiful ieos7 icon theme on Elementary OS Luna

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So far, the most interesting icon theme for me is the ieos7 icon theme. Its a perfect icon theme for my Elementary OS Luna. ieos7 also can be installed on Ubuntu based Linux including Kubuntu, Xubuntu and all Ubuntu derivatives. Here is my Elementary OS Luna screenshot:

ieos 7 on elementary os luna

To install ieos7 icon theme on Elementary OS Luna, do the following commands on Terminal:

[codesyntax lang=”bash”]


Next, you can change the icon theme using Elementary-Tweaks. Install elementary-tweaks first if you haven’t done already.

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  1. liquid0r says:


    i am interested in how you made the status bar look like it does in your screenshot? i like that it is not one status bar from left to right, but that you have “nothing” in between.

    • sebastian4699 says:

      get the elementary os tweaks, there you can configure the wingpanel (superpanel and slim panel) which you called status bar!

  2. Hi,
    Nice! Where did you get that widget from, and how do you activate it?

  3. erik says:

    I was wondering what mod is used for the system info on desktop such as cpu disk etc ?

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