Manjaro 15.12 Deepin Screenshots Tour

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The new Manjaro 15.12 was released few days ago. There are several flavors of Manjaro Linux available. I was interested with the new Manjaro variant, Manjaro Deepin. Manjaro Deepin 15.12 brings the Deepin Desktop Environment. Its a brilliant idea to have beautiful Deepin Desktop on Manjaro.

Here I have some screenshots of Manjaro Deepin 15.12. I run this Manjaro 15.12 Deepin from my Live USB and it works pretty fast.

The Desktop

manjaro 15.12 deepin screenshot 1.png

Clean, simple beautiful Manjaro Deepin 15.12 desktop. The Deepin dock is located at the bottom, to access all the applications and settings on Manjaro Deepin.

Deepin Launcher

manjaro 15.12 deepin screenshot 2.png

The launcher is an easier way to access all the applications installed on Manjaro. Its a fun way to browse the installed applications.

manjaro deepin screenshots 1.png

manjaro deepin multimedia apps.png

Manjaro Deepin 15.12 could be a good choice to replace your PC operating system. Its pretty stable, beautiful and easy to use.

Download Manjaro Deepin 15.12 ISO

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  1. Rachel says:

    I think, i’m in love with this distribution.

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