Nethserver 6.6, A CentOS based Linux for your server

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There are many Linux modified and optimized for server you can choose for your home and organization or even company. ClearOS, Univention Corporate Server are the most popular among them. But here I want to give a short review about Nethserver 6.6, a CentOS based Linux designed to serve your home or company with most server features. Nethserver 6.6 offers features such as web server, file server, web filter, mail server, firewall, vpn and many more. All those features can be managed and accessed by the system administrator via simple web based management console. For more information about the features of Nethserver, this link will help you.

nethserver dashboard

Nethserver is Cloud ready Linux distribution/appliance. You can power up Nethserver on your local server or use it on the cloud server.

After installation, you will need the following user and password for the first login.

user: root
password: Nethesis,1234

You will be asked to change the default password when you open Nethserver web dashboard on the first time.

Next time, I will post more about Nethserver.

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