OpenMediaVault 2.1 is now available for download

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OpenMediaVault 2.1 is now available for download. OpenMediaVault is an open source NAS Appliance based on Debian Linux which is used widely. If you want to build a powerful server with minimal hardware, OpenMediaVault could be a good alternative. It has all features you need to build a home or SOHO server. OpenMediaVault includes file server, DAAP Media Server, SSH, FTP Server and many more.

openmediavault 2.1

OpenMediaVault comes with a handy web management console. Managing server is now very easy with OpenMediaVault. The main features at a glance: using Sencha ExtJS 5.1.1 framework for the WebGUI; add a new dashboard and widgets; many internal improvements and bug fixes; improved the internal network interface backend; add WiFi support, only WPA and WPA2 are supported; add VLAN support; the network interface configuration page has been modified, now only the configuration values are displayed, use the dashboard widget to show the state of all network interfaces; the public key of the user must now be specified in the RFC 4716 SSH public key file format, it is possible to add multiple keys; option to turn off the collection of system performance statistics.

Download OpenMediaVault 2.1 ISO

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