Step by Step installing Zorin OS 9.1

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The new Zorin OS 9 was released few days ago. Here I want to guide you how to install this distribution to your computer or Virtual machine. Zorin is an Ubuntu based Linux which comes with many interesting features and beautiful user interface. Installing Zorin 9 is a fun. Its pretty easy and can be done in just few clicks.

1. Download Zorin OS 9 ISO.

Please navigate to my ISO Download Page to download Zorin OS 9 ISO 32 bit or 64 bit edition.

2. Boot your computer with the ISO.

3. On the first boot screen, select Install Zorin to start the installation directly

zorin 9 install 1

4. Preparing to install Zorin

zorin 9 install 2

5. Select the installation type.

On this example, I choose the first one which will use the entire drive for Zorin OS installation. This will erase any data inside the disk. Please be careful on this step.

zorin 9 install 3

6. Select your current location

zorin 9 install 4

7. Select your keyboard layout

zorin 9 install 5

8. Create a username

zorin 9 install 6

9. Installation process.

Wait until the installation and file copying process is finished.

zorin 9 install 7

Restart your computer when finished. After reboot, Zorin 9  should be ready.

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  1. Couper says:

    How to boot it with the ISO on windows 10? Advanced startup?

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