Tutorial How to join Ubuntu 16.10 to Windows Domain

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This tutorial will guide you how to join an Ubuntu 16.10 desktop to an existing Windows Domain. By joining Ubuntu to Windows Domain. The domain users can login to Ubuntu desktop with their existing username and password without having to create a local user.

Steps to join Ubuntu 16.10 to Windows Domain

  1. Install PBIS Open
  2. Join Ubuntu to Windows Domain
  3. Configure lightdm
  4. Login with Domain user

Step 1. Install PBIS Open software on Ubuntu 16.10

Please refers to my previous tutorial to install PBIS Open software on Ubuntu 16.10 or Ubuntu 16.04.

Step 2. Join Ubuntu to Windows Domain

At this point, make sure we have the following items are ready:

  • Correct DNS configuration
  • Windows Domain name
  • Windows Domain Administrator password

Configure Ubuntu IP address so it uses the Domain Controller IP address as the DNS Server entry. See the example below.

As you can see the Primary DNS on my Ubuntu desktop is where this IP address is the Windows Domain Ip address as well.

Following are the details setup used on this tutorial

  • Windows Domain name: test.lan
  • Windows Domain user: administrator
  • Windows Domain password: 12345678
  • Windows Domain IP address:

To start join Ubuntu to Windows Domain, use the following command

Change test.lan and administrator respectively, based on your Domain Controller. After the command you will be asked to enter the administrator password. Make sure you see SUCCESS as follow which indicates the Ubuntu was successfully joined to the Domain.

Step 3. Configure Lightdm

We need to tweak the Lightdm configuration in order to enable custom login username. If you do not configure Lightdm, you won’t be able to log in to Ubuntu desktop using Domain users. So, do the following

Now add the following lines to the file above.

Now reboot Ubuntu

Step 4. Login with Domain user

Login with your domain user with the following format


For example in my case:


Have a try

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