10 pips per trade is that good enough?

10 pips per trade? Am I serious? How can you get rich with only 10 pips per trade? These question was my question when I first jump in to Forex about a year ago. But now, I realize that 10 pips is enough for me to survive in this Forex world. Don’t believe it? See this 10 pips trade below:


Its not about how many pips you get each trade. The more important thing is how big lot you are using. On the example above, I took a trade with 10 pips target but I use 5 position at once and its 5 lot each. As you see USD 250 on a single trade. Still under estimate 10 pips strategy?

Sorry, this post is just my thought and I know there are many better way to trade currencies out there. At least I am quite satisfied with my 10 pips strategy I use. Next, I will keep post how to get this 10 pips per trade. Cheers


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