5 Reasons Why Ferrari 250 GTO becomes the most expensive car in the world

Believe or not, Ferrari 250 GTO is currently being the most expensive car in the world. As reported by many online media, Ferrari 250 GTO asking price now hit more than $56.8 million in an auction event in US. This is the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO series. There are some reasons that make this car become so high in price. And we have spotted at least 5 reasons why this car becomes so expensive.


Ferrari 250 GTO is powered by 3.0 liter Tipo 168/62 V12 engine. There are many classic car that has bigger power than this GTO but, this could be one of the reason.

Won many races

This 250 GTO has won many races especially 12 Hours Le Mans competition in that era. But, many people argue that 250 GTO is not the most successful Le Mans competition.


Yes, off course. This Ferrari 250 GTO was produced only 36 cars. So, it is reasonable that it is super hard to find this Ferrari series in the world. Only big collector that can afford the price of this car.

Hunted by Collectors

Since there are only limited number on the market, many big collectors competing to get this car. Supply and demand law is working here.

Because Its Ferrari

No one argue that Ferrari is a great car maker. Pride is on Ferrari even many people claimed that there are many cars that are better than this 250 GTO but it is what it is. Ferrari 250 GTO still the most expensive car in the world no matter reasons.


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