5 Things to do after installing Manjaro 17.0

Manjaro 17.0 is available in many flavors. You can choose your favorite desktop environment such as Gnome, MATE, Budgie, Xfce and some others. Installing Manjaro Linux is very easy. With few steps, you can install Manjaro. Even a new Linux users can easily install it on a dedicated PC or a virtual macine.

After installing Manjaro, there are some few things we can do in order to improve the Manjaro performance and usability. Here are 5 things to do after installing Manjaro 17.0.

  1. Update system
  2. Enable AUR Repository
  3. Install Tweak Tool
  4. Modify Looks and Theme
  5. Install favorite applications

The list could be different for some people but mostly, those list is useful for a new Manjaro users.

A. Update System

Manjaro is a rolling release distribution which delivers update regularly to the users. Update Manjaro system is child play, very easy. You can either update Manjaro via Terminal or using Software Update GUI.

Update Manjaro via Terminal

sudo pacman -Syu

[dhani@dhani-manjaro ~]$ sudo pacman -Syu
[sudo] password for dhani:
:: Synchronizing package databases…
core is up to date
extra is up to date
community is up to date
multilib is up to date
:: Starting full system upgrade…
resolving dependencies…
looking for conflicting packages…

Packages (20) accountsservice-0.6.45-1 apm-1.18.0-1 arc-firefox-theme-maia-20170420-1 firefox-53.0-1 gpgme-1.9.0-2 ibus-1.5.15-1 icu-58.2-2
lib32-llvm-libs-4.0.0-1 lib32-mesa-17.0.4-2 libibus-1.5.15-1 libtiff-4.0.7-3 libxml2-2.9.4+16+g07418011-1
linux44-virtualbox-guest-modules-5.1.20-1 llvm-libs-4.0.0-1 mesa-17.0.4-2 pcre2-10.23-1 tslib-1.9-1 udisks2-2.6.4-1
virtualbox-guest-utils-5.1.20-1 wqy-microhei-0.2.0_beta-8

Total Download Size: 104.89 MiB
Total Installed Size: 376.01 MiB
Net Upgrade Size: 20.67 MiB

:: Proceed with installation? [Y/n]

Or use Update Manager application

update manjaro 17

B. Enable AUR Repository

AUR (Arch User Repository) contains many packages and software that can be installed on Manjaro. I highly recommend you to enable AUR on your Manjaro system. To enable AUR on Manjaro, simply open Add/Remove Software and go to Preferences. Switch to AUR tab and enable it from there.

enable aur on manjaro 17.png

C. Install Tweak Tool

Tweak Tool is a useful utility for Manjaro. No matter which Manjaro version/edition you are running, Tweak Tool is there for you. For example, in Manjaro Budgie, we can install Tweak Tool using command:

sudo pacman -S gnome-tweak-tool

Tweak Tool provide access to many sections especially it will help us to customize Manjaro.

install tweak tool on manjaro 17.png

D. Modify Looks and Theme

This is the most interesting part for me. I always made some changes to the default theme on every Linux desktop I tried, including Manjaro. Changing icon theme and GTK Theme are easy to do. You can read my previous post on how to change icon theme on Manjaro or other Linux.

E. Install favorite Software

Install additional software on Manjaro is very easy. Thanks to Pamac GUI software manager. We can install many software using intuitive GUI or simply use the command. For example, install Google Chrome on Manjaro via yaourt.

or using Pamac


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