Add disk and create new volume on FreeNAS 9.3

After installing FreeNAS 9.3 on my server, next thing to do is adding more disks to the FreeNAS 3.9. FreeNAS 3.9 is now comes with a brand new Volume Manager which is easier to use. FreeNAS 9.3 only supports ZFS file system. There is no UFS file system support anymore. But you still can import your UFS formatted disk to FreeNAS 9.3 without losing your data. This tutorial will show you how to add new disk/volume to FreeNAS 9.3. Its pretty easy and straight forward.

First, login to FreeNAS web management console and go to Storage. Click on Volume Manager and you will see the following window displayed.

add new disk to freenas

On the Volume name, type the desired name you want to assign to the new volume. Also, make sure you have available disks displayed below the Volume name.

freenas 9.3 tutorial

Pree Add Volume to start creating the new volume to the disks. You can also switch to the Manual setup anytime. Dont forget to select the Volume layout from the list. On the example above I use 2 disks and I use Mirror layout.

Finally, your new volume is listed on the Volume list.

add new disk to freenas 9.3 step 3


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