Add new hard disk to FreeNAS 10 tutorial

FreeNAS 10 comes with a brand new way to add additional hard disk to the FreeNAS system. This new FreeNAS has a better and easier feature to create, import and modify volume. The drag and drop feature is very interesting. Here I will show you how to add new hard disk to FreeNAS 10.

Steps to add new hard disk to FreeNAS 10

Below are the summarized steps to add new disk to FreeNAS

  1. Create new volume
  2. Add disks
  3. Specify data mode

Ok lets jump to the first step create volume. Before we proceed to this steps, make sure the new hard drives are attached to the FreeNAS server. Next, log in to FreeNAS web management console and go to Storage section as follow

Click Create button and it will expand

At this point the newly added hard drives should be visible. Now we can start create a new volume.

Type the name for the new volume. In this example, I use Vol01. There are several default profile we can choose that was optimized for several purposes for example for Media, Virtualization etc. Next, drag the disk to the left panel as follow (you may change the layout as you need).

Klik Save to save the current disk configuration. Now you should see the new volume is created and listen in Storage menu.

Now the new disks are ready to use. And in the future, we can also add more disks to the existing volume we created. Simply open the new Vol01 and go to Topology.


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