ADrive Cloud Storage – Support Rsync Backup from Linux

ADrive is a cloud storage provider that offers an interesting cloud storage service. They offers many protocols to perform backup to their server. For Linux users, you may use Rsync, FTP, or SFTP protocol to backup your files to the cloud server. Not many cloud backup provider that offers this kind of connection. For Windows users, they have a special backup client called ADrive Desktop which give users the flexibility to backup their data. But unfortunately ADrive Desktop is not available for Linux. Apart from that, ADrive is a great cloud backup for Linux so far.

ADrive Plan and Pricing

  • ADrive Personal Permium
  • ADrive Business Plan
  • ADrive Enterprise

The Personal Premium plan offers 100 GB of storage for just $2 per month. And also, you can get 60 days free trial for this plan. Read for more information about ADrive plan and pricing. For Enterprise, go to this page for detailed information and services.

Supported Backup Protocols

ADrive comes with many backup protocols such as FTP, SFTP, SCP, Rsync and also WebDAV. You can easily backup your data from a Linux box without any third party tool. You can use your Linux Terminal to transfer your data to the ADrive Cloud Storage. It supports incremental data backup which is useful if you have multiple file versions.

Additionally, ADrive also provide web based backup management. With your web browser, you can upload or download files easily. ADrive is equipped with strong encryption system to ensure your data is secure over the internet.

cloud backup for Linux

For more information, please visit ADrive website. 


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