Antergos 2016 Review and Screenshots from end user perspective

Another Arch based Linux desktop now hits on the internet. Antergos 2016.10.23 is now available with many bug fixes and system stability improvements. Antergos is not as popular as Ubuntu, Linux Mint or Manjaro but it comes as a good alternative to those previous distribution. Here I want to share about Antergos 2016 review from a user perspective. Not a full technical review, its more about how I feel when using it on my daily activity.

antergos 2016 review

Antergos 2016 Review

The Desktop

If you run Antergos 2016 in Live Mode, you will mostly have the GNOME desktop environment as the default desktop. The desktop is pretty cool with some nice wallpapers available. It comes with the updated Gnome Shell version 3.22.


Installed Applications

There are many applications installed by default. Chromium is the default web browser in Antergos. Also the following applications is available:

  • Pidgin Internet Messenger
  • Brasero Disc Burning tool
  • Evince Document Viewer (PDF Viewer) version 3.22.1
  • Gnome Music Player
  • Gnome Photos
  • Transmission BitTorrent client

We can easily add or remove programs through Add/Remove Software (Pamac) tool on Antergos.


Antergos 2016.10.23 comes with some beautiful icons and themes. Numix Icon Theme and Numix Frost (GTK+ Theme) are installed by default. You can easily change theme and icons using Gnome tweak tool.


I was testing Antergos on Virtualbox with 4 GB of RAM and 2 core processor with 128MB video graphic. All applications and animation works pretty smooth. I got no error while testing it. But since I do not like Gnome pretty much I would prefer another desktop environment. During installation process, we can select which desktop environment will be installed.


Antergos 2016.10.23 is a good looking Linux desktop, easy to use and also pretty stable. With the power of Arch behind this distribution, I shouldn’t be worry about any community supports and future upgrades.


  • Beautiful, simple and stable
  • Based on rock solid Arch Linux
  • Freedom to choose desktop environment during installation
  • Latest software


  • Cnchi sometimes not working, its kind of keep checking for update and won’t start after clicking it several times.
  • No Office applications on the ISO package

If you want to try Antergos 2016.10.23, you may download the ISO from this link. Thanks for coming and share this article so more people reached.


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