Apricity OS 08.2015, Beautiful Arch Based Linux Desktop

I just downloaded Apricity OS version 08.2015 Beta and run it from my USB. Apricity is an Arch based Linux desktop which is beautiful,, modern, easy to use and its lightweight. I feel no lag even I run it from my Live USB. It uses Gnome desktop environment, and the current Beta version is powered by Linux Kernel 4.1.6, Gnome Shell 3.16.3.

apricity screenshot 1

There are many applications come with Apricity Live DVD. You will find Google Chrome, LibreOffice, FileZilla, InkScape, PlayOnLinux and many more. The Gnome Shell menu reminds me to Ozon Os, another beautiful Linux desktop you should try as well.

apricity os screenshot

apricity applications

Gnome Settings and Tweak Tool on Apricity OS

gnome setting

One thing that annoying to me is the size of the desktop icon. I think its too big and consume more space on the desktop. There are many things to explore on this Apricity OS. To download Apricity, please use the following link.


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