ArchLabs 5.0 Screenshots Tour

The new version of ArchLabs 5.0 is on the way. ArchLabs is an Arch based Linux distribution with Openbox Desktop Envoironment. There are many improved features on ArchLabs 5.0, many new Openbox themes and also bunch of Conky styles. For example:

  • New i3wm next gaps
  • Theming of all parts of ArchLabs

archlabs 5.0 screenshots

ArchLabs 5.0 includes many selected themes and wallpapers. Customization made even easier on ArchLabs 5.0

ArchLabs 5.0 comes with LibreOffice 5.3.2 installed by default.

Also, you will find many graphic applications such as Inkscape, GIMP and many more.

Pamac Software Manager

Download ArchLabs 5.0 ISO


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