Atom 1.16 is now available, install it on Solus OS 2017.04

The new version of Atom text editor 1.16 is now available for download. Today I am going to show you how to install Atom 1.16 on Solus OS. I am using the latest Solus OS 2017.04 which released few days ago. If you are new to Solus OS, you may want to take a look at this new Solus OS 2017.04. Installing Atom on Solus OS is pretty easy. This package is available through Solus repository so we can easily install Atom from Solus Software Center or via Termnial.

Atom is a popular, rich features text editor for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. It has many features suitable for average users and also for software developers. For more information about Atom, please visit the official website.

Steps to install Atom 1.16 on Solus OS 2017.04

A. Via Software Center

Open Software Center and click search. Type atom on the search box and press Enter. You should see Atom listed on the search result.

Click Atom and press Install to start the installation.

B. Via Terminal

If you prefer to use Terminal, the following command is used to install Atom on Solus OS


Type yes and press Enter to start the installation.

Once completed, run Atom from the application menu.


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