Atom Dock installation on Manjaro 0.8.11

Beside Plank, Docky and Cairo Dock, there is another dock for Linux desktop called Atom Dock. Atom Dock is a simple, minimalist dock for GNOME desktop. This tutorial is going to show you how to install Atom Dock on Manjaro 0.8.11 GNOME. Installing Atom Dock on Manjaro 0.8.11 is pretty easy. With only few commands we can have this nice dock on Manjaro desktop.

install atom dock on manjaro

Steps to install Atom Dock on Manjaro Linux

First we need to install git. Execute this command to install git on Manjaro

sudo yaourt git

Select git from the list (number 8).

install git on manjaro

Now we can start installing Atom Dock. The following commands should work

git clone
cd atom-dock
sudo make install

Now log out and re login. Next, open Gnome Tweak Tool and go to extension and activate Atom Dock from there.

gnome tweak tool  on manjaro


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