Backup to Amazon S3 using GoodSync 10.5

Cloud Backup is getting popular recently. This kind of Backup solution slow but sure will replace traditional backup for both personal and enterprise. Today we will show you how easy to backup to Amazon S3 using GoodSync application. With this tool, we can backup or sync or local data to various cloud service including Amazon S3. We wrote a short review about GoodSync 10.5, a powerful cloud backup solution for Windows

How to backup to Amazon S3 using GoodSync

Step 1. Download and install GoodSync 10.5. 

Please note that GoodSync is not free program. You can purchase GoodSync 10.5 Full Version for only $29.95. Go to this link to purchase it.

Step 2. Create new backup job

If this is your first time using GoodSync, you will see new job wizard shown on your screen. 


Enter job name and choose whether you want to sync or backup. On this tutorial, I choose backup. Click OK to complete this first step. Now, we need to specify the source and backup destination.

backup to amazon s3 using goodsync

Click the backup source and specify what to backup. On the Backup destination, select where you want to save the backup. In this case, I choose Amazon S3. There are other cloud backup destination you can choose. 

You will need to enter your AWS Access key ID and secret key. Paste these credentials to the Amazon S3 configuration page. Once connected, you should see the Amazon S3 bucket list 

Now select in which folder, the backup will be saved. You can also create new folder inside your bucket if you want. Click OK and then we need to Analyze our backup job before actually executing it. Click Analyze button to start. 

You can see many information on the analyze result. You can check any conflicts, and other information. Its like a Dry run before attempting the actual backup job. 



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