Backup MySQL Database using MySQLBackupFTP 4.0.45

MySQLBackupFTP is a free application for Windows that can be used to backup MySQL Database to other locations such as remote FTP Server or network location. MySQLBackupFTP is very easy to use, user friendly and powerful. Even its marked as freeware, doesn’t mean this software lack of features. It doesn’t take time to install MySQLBackupFTP on your Windows system. It supports Windows 10 as well. If you need more features, you can go for the Pro version.

The new MySQLBackupFTP 4.0.45 has been released brings some important updates. I just installed this software and start using it to manage my MySQL server installed on my network server which is Linux server. There are two ways to connect to MySQL Server, using TCP/IP and phpMyAdmin method.

MySQLBackupFTP  1

Once connected, you can select which database should be backed up.

MySQLBackupFTP  3You can select the backup destination from the list

MySQLBackupFTP  4You may download the latest version of MySQLBackupFTP 4.0.45 from this link for free.


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