How to backup MySQL Server to Google Drive using Iperius Backup

Iperius Backup is a powerful, rich features backup software for Windows. It supports many backup types and backup destinations. We can easily backup files, folder, Windows drive image to local, network or even Cloud storage services. This tutorial will show you how to backup MySQL Server to Google Drive cloud service. Iperius Backup supports several database such as MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL. Iperius is a great MySQL backup software for Windows. It can connect and backup MySQL Server database installed on local and remote server.

Steps to backup MySQL Server to Google Drive using Iperius Backup

Step 1. Download and Install Iperius

Step 2. Create a new backup job

Open Iperius Backup and click New Backup to open the New Backup Job configuration. Here we need to specify what to backup, the backup destination etc. Since we are going to backup MySQL Database, click MySQL button on that page. See image below for illustration.

Next, the MySQL backup configuration window will opened. First, we need to create MySQL Connection account. Make sure you have the MySQL Server credentials on hand.

Create MySQL Connection Account

Make sure your MySQL Server allows remote connection. You can set or configure MySQL Server remote access first prior to this step. Test the connection and make sure everything works.

Next, select which database you want to backup. You can also choose to backup all databases in the server if you want. Don’t forget to specify the directory to store the backup. This is for temporary backup before uploaded to the cloud.

Click OK and then click Next to configure the backup destination.

Configure the Backup Cloud Destination (Google Drive)

Since we are going to save the backup in Google Drive, click Add Destination on Cloud.

Now we need to add new cloud account

To complete this step, you will need Client ID and Client Secret. This credential can be set up on your Google Developer account. Please follow this tutorial in order to enable Google Drive API and get client ID and client secret. Then, copy and paste the credentials here.

If all going well, you will see your Iperius backup connected to Google Drive account.

Backup Scheduling

Next, we need to schedule the backup. Specify how the backup will be performed in a regular base.

The next step is to configure the advanced settings (optional), configure email notification and configure additional process. These are optional which means you can leave it as is.

iperius backup

OK now our backup is ready. Thanks for reading this how to backup MySQL Server to Google Drive using iPerius Backup software. Cheers.


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