Beautiful Elementary OS Loki with Arc Flatabulous and Arc Icon Theme

With a little efforts, we can turn our default Elementary OS Loki desktop into a better one. And one of my favorite theme for my Loki is Arc-Flatabulous theme. This combination between Arc GTK theme and Flatabulous window control makes my Elementary OS Loki looks better. Or at least, now I can stay longer working with my Loki without boring.



Tomahawk Music Player


 Install Arc-Flatabulous Theme on Elementary OS Loki

Install prerequisites:

Now download the package and start install it

Now you can activate the new Arc-Flatabulous theme using Elementary Tweaks.

 Install Arc Icon Theme on Elementary OS Loki

Before installing Arc Icon Theme, it is recommended to install Moka Icon Theme first, because Arc Icon  does not shipped with application icons. So it will use Moka Icon Theme for the application icons.

On Terminal, execute this commands to install Moka Icon Theme on Loki

Now install Arc Icon Theme



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