Beautiful Linux Desktop, Solus OS 2017.04

It is great to watch my favorite Linux distribution develops and grows. The new snapshot of Solus OS 2017.04 is available for download. Its a simply beautiful Linux distribution for Desktop. Lightweight, beautiful and fast are three words for this new Solus OS 2017.04.

Solus OS 2017.04 comes with the new Budgie Desktop version 10.3.1. If you are not familiar with Budgie, Solus OS also available in other variants Gnome and MATE desktop. Many improvements have been added to this release such as:

  • Better boot management which is claimed as a bulletproof (easier and way more reliable), easier and safer for future upgrades
  • GNOME Stack is updated to version 3.24
  • Graphics Stack with latest Mesa 17.0.4
  • Modern Linux Driver Management
  • Linux Kernel 4.9.22

Apart from the technical improvements, Solus OS 2017.04 brings Arc theme and icon as the default ones. I can’t ask for more, these combination is so perfect for a Linux desktop.

Updated cnchi installer brings Linux installation to the next level. It is very simple and easy.

Not many applications fit in the 1.2 GB ISO but the software center always available if we need more software

Many third party applications have been added to the repository makes it even easier to install some popular application such as Google Chrome, Spotify, Google Earth and many more.

Solus OS is a great Linux distribution for desktop. It is known as a Lightweight, fast and beautiful Linux. Grab it now and experience the new level of Linux desktop.


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