Beautiful Linux distro based on Ubuntu

I must say that there are at least two Linux distribution based on Ubuntu that are awesome in design and looks. They are Pear OS 8 and Linux Deepin 2013. These two Linux distributions are based on Ubuntu. I must say that Linux Deepin and Pear OS 8 is the most beautiful Linux distribution. Linux Mint, Kubuntu and Elementary OS are also awesome but still can’t beat Pear OS 8 and Linux Deepin 2013.

So how do these Linux Deepin 2013 and Pear OS 8 look?

I started with Linux Deepin 2013. This Linux is developed by Chinese Linux community and always include the English version on each final release. Here are some screenshots of Linux Deepin 2013.

A stylish login screen of Linux Deepin 2013


Linux Deepin 2013 clean desktop


Linux Deepin 2013 showing application launcher. It’s a nice looking and easy application launcher. Way better than original Gnome 3 launcher!


There still many awesome features of Linux Deepin 2013 to explore. Will share with you next time.

And here are some screenshots of Pear OS 8. Pear OS 8 has a nice interface with a shortcut dock on the bottom of the desktop. Pear OS 8 is look like Mac OS X.

Default login screen of Pear OS 8


Pear OS 8 desktop


Pear OS 8 launcher


Both Linux Deepin and Pear OS can use Ubuntu repository without problems. So what do you think? which one is better? Or you may have another idea about the most beautiful Linux distribution instead of those two? Share them here.


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