CentOS 7 Installation Tutorial

CentOS is a powerful Linux system suitable for Desktop and Server. The current version of CentOS 7 is now available. Here I want to show you how to install CentOS 7 in step by step approach. I use the CentOS 7 minimal ISO. Actually I just want to use this as a server so, my idea is not to install any Desktop environment on my CentOS installation.

Step 1. Select language

centos 7 installation 1

Step 2 Installation Destination

After choosing the language, we can continue to the next step. On this step we should see a system installation summary as we can see on the picture below.

centos 7 installation 2

As we can see from the illustration above, Installation Desination needs our attention. We need to configure the installation destination first. Click the Installation Destination will bring us to the next step below

centos 7 installation 3.png

We can add more disk to the system by clicking Add a disk button on the page. Also, we can use iSCSI block as well. Press Done when ready to get back to the previous page.

Step 3. Begin Installation

After configuring the installation destination, we will get back to the main summary installation page. Click Begin installation to start the installation

centos 7 installation 4

Step 4. Create root password

While installing, we need to provide or create a root password

centos 7 installation 5.png

Click Root Password to create new password

centos 7 installation 6.png

When the installation completed, reboot to the newly installed system. Because this is the minimal version of CentOS, there is no GUI environment such as Gnome or KDE. We can install it later if we want but for now, this CentOS 7 is ready for the next configuration for the server.

centos 7 minimal.png


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