ChaletOS 14.04.3 Installation Tutorial

The new version of ChaletOS 14.04.3 is now available for download. ChaletOS is an Ubuntu based Linux which is beautiful, easy to use and could be the best Windows desktop replacement. Windows users will be easily switched to Linux with ChaletOS. ChaletOS 14.04.3 brings a lot of improvements, many new themes and many other technical upgrades. This tutorial will show you how to install ChaletOS 14.04.3.

First, you may need to download ChaletOS 14.04.3 ISO file from here. ChaletOS is available in bot 32 bit and 64 bit edition. Boot your computer or virtual machine and start the installation directly. Select installationĀ language from the list.

chaletos installation 1

Next the installer will check the system configuration

chaletos installation 2

Next, select how you will install ChaletOS. On this tutorial, I use the first option where all the disk will be erased and used by ChaletOS. You can also select another type, install ChaletOS along Windows 7,8 or 10 as well.

chaletos installation 3

Press install now to start the installation

chaletos installation 4

Select where is your current location by clicking on the map related to your location.

chaletos installation 5

Select keyboard layout

chaletos installation 6

Create new user

chaletos installation 7

Then the installer will continue installing ChaletOS. Wait until this process is finished

chaletos installation 8

Once finished, reboot your computer and login to ChaletOS Desktop.

chaletos 14.04.3



  1. Hi,
    I want to install ChaletOS on an old laptop with no bootable USB and functional CD drive.
    Currently the laptop is running unter Puppy Linux. It is possiple to install Chalet from the downloaded ISO?

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