ChaletOS 16.04 Screenshots Tour

ChaletOS is a simple, beautiful Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. The new version of ChaletOS 16.04 is now available for download. Its based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and will be supported for the next 5 years. You may download ChaletOS 16.04 ISO file and run it on your laptop without having to install it first. ChaletOS 16.04 can be run from USB flash disk.

Here we have some nice screenshots of ChaletOS 16.04

The Desktop

chaletos 16.04 screenshot 1Nothing to say, simply beautiful.

Start menu

ChaletOS comes with XFCE desktop which is known as a simple, stable and lightweight. The ChaletOS start menu is pretty easy to use. If you don’t like Ubuntu Unity style, you will love ChaletOS start menu.

chaletos 16.04 screenshot 2Ubuntu Software Center

Installing software in ChaletOS is very easy. Ubuntu Software Center provide access to thousands free software available for Ubuntu users.

software center on chalet osSettings

Need to customize and tweak ChaletOS? Settings page provide all access to any configurable settings.

chaletos settings


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