ClearOS 7.1 Beta 3 Installation Tutorial

The development of ClearOS is now reached version 7.1 Beta 3. ClearOS is a powerful Linux server powered by CentOS with so many features you need to build a powerful server for your company or home. I have been using ClearOS for several years and very satisfy of it. I can have my own file server, MySQL Server, DHCP Server, Gateway in a single physical server.

On this tutorial, I will show you the step by step installing ClearOS 7.1 Beta 3 on my virtual machine. Its pretty easy to install ClearOS 7.1 Beta 3 on a computer or virtual machine.

On the first installation window, you will see the following. Select the installation language from the list and press Continue.

clearos 7.1 beta 3 install 1Since this is the Beta version, you will see a warning message. Simply press I want to proceed to confirm.

clearos 7.1 beta 3 install 2

The installer then will show you the installation summary. It checks the system requirements and other options. You will need to specify the installation destination.

clearos 7.1 beta 3 install 3Click on Installation destination to select the disk you want to install ClearOS. On the following page, specify the installation destination. You will see list of your disks here. You can add another disk to ClearOS using Add a disk button.

clearos 7.1 beta 3 install 4Don’t forget to select the partitioning method. Automatically configure partitioning should work for you if you want to use the entire disk for ClearOS. Otherwise, you will need to configure the partition manually. When all done, we can begin the installation.

clearos 7.1 beta 3 install 5When we press Begin installation, the installer will start the installation process.

clearos 7.1 beta 3 install 6We need to specify the root password. Click Root Password and enter the root password. This password will be used to login to ClearOS web management console. Enter your root password and press Done to confirm and close the window.

clearos 7.1 beta 3 install 7Now wait until the installation process to finish. Once it finish installing, reboot your computer.

clearos 7.1 beta 3 install 8After reboot we can login to the console using root password we created during installation.

clearos 7.1 beta 3 install 9Or we can open the web management console directly. Use the following address:

Change the IP address with yours. And you will see ClearOS 7 web management console. You will have to proceed to the next process, configuring the ClearOS.

clearos 7 web console login

clearos 7 web console


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