Cloudberry Backup for Linux Review and Download Link

Cloudberry Labs provide a powerful cloud backup software called Cloudberry Backup. This software is available for Mac, Windows and also Linux. I just downloaded Cloudberry Backup for Linux and now I am testing it on my Ubuntu 16.04. And today I will try to give a short review about this cloud backup software. Personally, I have a good feeling to have this great software ported to Linux. Even not all Linux distribution is supported, but at least there is a good will to create a nice software for Linux environment.

Cloudberry Backup for Linux Review

What is Cloudberry Backup ?

Cloudberry Backup is a special GUI software designed to be a bridge between end user computer and the cloud storage. The user can design backup plan with this software. The backup source and destination can be selected from the supported services. For example, we can backup data to Amazon S3, Google Drive or any other supported cloud storage.

Why Cloudberry Backup ?

Nice user interface

First thing that attract me to try this software is the user interface. Cloudberry Labs does a good job to create the nice and easy user interface.

Support many cloud service

Second reason why I decide to try Cloudberry is the supported cloud storage. By default, there are bunch cloud storage service you can choose for your backup destinations. It supports Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Google Cloud, OpenStack, Softlayer and many S3 compatible services. With all these, what else you need?

Wizard based BackupĀ 

Don’t worry if you are not familiar with Cloudberry. The backup wizard features will help you to setup your backup plan, add your backup destination and change many other settings. Its pretty easy to create new backup plan.

cloudberry backup for Linux

Add new Amazon S3 Account to Cloudberry Backup

Final Thoughts

This Cloudberry Backup for Linux runs very well on my Ubuntu 16.04. With this tool, I can backup my Linux data to cloud service way easier. If you are looking for a reliable cloud backup software for Linux, I highly recommend this Cloudberry Backup.




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