Cockpit, Web-based Admin Tool on Fedora 23 Server

I am pretty new to Fedora 23 Server edition. I just knew that this Fedora 23 Server comes with a built in web management console called Cockpit. Cockpit is simple. very intuitive and very usable. There are a lot of information and tools available on this web management console such as System information, Services, Storage, Logs, Container and many more.

fedora 23 server tutorial 1.png

Thanks to this Cockpit web admin interface. Now, managing and monitoring Fedora Server is a lot easier than ever. We can easily enable Docker container within Cockpit.

fedora 23 server tutorial 2

So how to access or open Cockpit?

If you are running Fedora 23 Server, Cockpit is automatically installed by default. Simply open a web browser from other computer on the same network and type the Fedora 23 Server IP address in the following format:

Next, login with admin user or root user.


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