Configure new hard disk on Openfiler 2.99 Server

Openfiler is another greate NAS/SAN appliance for your network. It has many features to power up your network with several services such as SMB/CIFS Server, NFS Server, Rsync Server, HTTP/DAv server, iSCSI Target and many more. The latest version of Openfiler 2.99 is now available for download. You can get the ISO file of Openfiler 2.99 from this link.

This tutorial is going to show you how to configure new hard disk on Openfiler 2.99 via web administration console. The aim of this tutorial is to have a new volumes for sharing on Openfiler. Openfiler provides easy way to manage the server via web browser. I assume you have installed your hard disk to the Openfiler server and now log in to the Openfiler web administration page.

Step 1. Create new physical volumes

Once log in, go to Volumes tab and then click create new physical volumes.

configure hard disk on openfiler 1.png

Then the new window will open up showing any connected hard drives on the server. Click on the hard disk we want to configure. On this example, my second hard disk is /dev/sdb.

configure hard disk on openfiler 2.png

Now we will create new partition on the hard disk /dev/sdb.

configure hard disk on openfiler 3.png

On this example, I use “primary” as the Mode and Physical volume as the partition type. I allocate the entire space 10 GB for this partition. Click Create to start the process. Now the new partition has been created and listed on the partition list.

configure hard disk on openfiler 4.png

Step 2. Create new Volume Group

Now lets go back to the main Volumes section to create a new volume group.

create volume group on openfiler 1.png

Give a new name for the volume group on this example I use “Volgroup_01” as the volume group name. Don’t for get to check the /dev/sdb1 partition. Click Add volume group button to start. Once finished, the new volume group will be listed on Volume Group Management page.

create volume group on openfiler 2

Step 3. Create a new Volume

Once we have Volume Group, we need to create a new volume inside the volume group. This volume will be used for sharing services.

create new volume on openfiler.png

Click create to start the process. Please note that we can freely change the volume size, file system type etc. Now our hard disk configuration process is completed. The new volume is now listed under the Volume Group page.

create new volume on openfiler 2.png

Thank you. Please leave us comments if you have any queries.


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