FreeNAS Tutorial-Configure the Storage on FreeNAS 10

On this tutorial, we will learn how to configure the storage on FreeNAS 10. FreeNAS 10 has a better storage management compared to previous version. Its easier to add, edit and delete storage, add new disks etc. Before we go through, we need to add more disks to FreeNAS server first. Follow my previous tutorial to add new disk to FreeNAS 10. And, you may need to download FreeNAS 10 ISO as well.

Here are the summarized task that will be covered on this tutorial

  1. Create new Volume
  2. Edit Volume
  3. Detach Volume
  4. Import Volume
  5. Delete Volume

Create New Volume on FreeNAS 10

Open FreeNAS web management console. This usually can be done by typing the FreeNAS server IP address on a web browser. For example in my case:

From the web management console, go to Storage.

Give a new name for our new storage. For example Volume_01. On the right side, you should see the available hard drives that can be used for our new storage. Simply drag the hard drives to the left side. Put it on Data, Spare or cache. On the example below, I put two hard drives for my Data.

Optionally, we can encrypt our new volume with password for security purposes. But I don’t put password to my new storage. 

Click save to create our new storage.

At this point, the new storage is ready for use. We can add new datasets, create shared folder etc.

Add more disk to existing volume

In some cases we need to add more disks to any existing volume. FreeNAS has this ability to easily add or remove disk from a volume. On this example, I will add another disk to my previously created volume. Click the Volume we want to edit and click Topology.

Drag the disk we want to add to the volume.

Save and the new Volume should increase the size.

How to detach Volume on FreeNAS 10

On this section, we will learn how to detach an existing volume. By detaching a volume, it will not delete the actual volume itself. Its only detached, not deleted.

Go to Storage section and click the volume we want to detach. To detach it, simply press Detach button and your volume will be detached automatically.

How to Import Volume on FreeNAS 10

In case to import a volume, go to Storage section and click Import Volumes. Your existing volume (previously detached volumes) should appear here. Click Scan volume to scan any available volumes.

On the example above, Volume_01 is detected as detached volume. We can import this volume easily by clicking on it

After we import the volume, it will listed on the Storage and ready to use.

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