How to connect to OpenVPN Server via Terminal

It is good to use VPN when we are online on a public internet. VPN will make your online activity and transaction more secure. On my previous tutorial, I have shown how to install and configure OpenVPN Server on CentOS 7.3. Now, I will show you how to connect to the OpenVPN Server from Linux using .ovpn config file. The .ovpn config file must be downloaded from the OpenVPN Server and save it locally. This .ovpn config file contains keys, certificate and some other settings needed to connect to the server.

To connect to OpenVPN file using the config file via Terminal, follow these steps. First cd to the directory where you save the .ovpn file.

Now use this command to connect

You should see something link this shown

Now check using Example below:

This is before I connect to the openvpn server.

And after connected, this is the new Ip address



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