Connect to iSCSI Target Disk on CentOS 7.3 using Webmin

Managing iSCSI disks on CentOS server made easier with Webmin, a powerful web administration tool for server. This tutorial will show you how to connect and manage iSCSI Target disk on CentOS 7.3 using Webmin. Please refers to my other tutorial on how to install Webmin 1.840 on CentOS 7.3 Server.  Once you have installed Webmin, we can now start to configure the iSCSI Client on our CentOS 7.3.

Step 1. Connect to iSCSI Target

This step will attempt to connect to existing iSCSI Target disk. Make sure you have a working iSCSI Target server on your network. You may check how to create a simple and powerful iSCSI Target server using Openfiler. Now log in to Webmin and go to Hardware | iSCSI Client as follow

Click iSCSI Connection

On my example below, I have one iSCSI Target tsn.iscsi02 connected. Any connected iSCSI devices will be listed here. To add new connection, simply type in the IP address of the iSCSI Target server here.

Click Connect and you should see any targets available on the server.

Make sure you have the credentials to connect to the target and select the target if your server has more than one targets. In this case CHAP is selected with username and password. This username and password is the one we created on the iSCSI Target server. Click Add connection to complete this process.

Upon a successful process you will see the list of any targets listed on this page. Thank you for reading and please share this post if you think useful.


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