Create Elementary OS 0.3.2 Live USB from Windows 10

Just downloaded the new Elementary OS 0.3.2 ISO and I want to try it on my USB drive. It is pretty easy to easy to create Elementary OS live usb. For Windows users, you can use Win32Disk Imager application to create Linux Live USB. It supports wide range of Linux distribution.

Steps to create Elementary OS 0.3.2 Live USB from Windows 10

  1. Download Elementary OS 0.3.2 ISO
  2. Download and install Win32DiskImager
  3. Plug your USB flash disk (4 GB recommended minimum)
  4. Run Win32DiskImager

elementary os live usb

Select your USB disk under Device and then browse your ISO file. Make sure to choose All files (*.*) on the file types. Press Write to start the process.

Once completed, reboot your computer and change the boot order to boot from the USB disk first.


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