How to Create Panorama Photo on Ubuntu 16.04

There are many ways to show off your photos to the world. Nowadays, 360 photo view and Panorama photo become more popular. And with current technology, we can easily create panorama photo. Android or iOS smartphone, DSLR cameras can take multiple photos with some overlaps on each photos and then convert them into a single panorama photo.

What software to create Panorama Photo ?

In Windows environment, there are many paid applications that work best to create Panorama photo. I was using Autopano once and it did a great job to convert my photos to panorama photo.




How to create Panorama Photo on Linux ?

Autopano Pro is not available for Linux system. But, there is another software for Linux that can do almost the same as Autopano. The software is called Hugin. Hugin is an open source application to convert, stitch images into a panoramic/stereoscopic images. Its a useful application if you need to create a panorama pictures or 360 view photos. Hugin is available for Windows, Mac and also Linux and it is available for free. Ubuntu users can install Hugin using provided PPA repository. Hugin has a simple user interface with pretty standard features. But we can change the interface to advanced or expert to get more features visible, good for professional.

Hugin Software for Ubuntu and its derivatives

I took some photos with my DJI Phantom 3 Professional with Litchi application and use the panoramic mode. And then I process the photos using this Panoramic editor, Hugin. I install this Hugin on Elementary OS Loki (based on Ubuntu 16.04).

Hugin main menu

create panorama photo on ubuntu 1

All images loaded to the Hugin

panorama photo editor ubuntu

Align the photos


Install Hugin on Ubuntu 16.04 and its derivatives

Open terminal and paste the following command to add Hugin PPA to Ubuntu 16.04, and install it.

Once installed, you can start using Hugin to convert or stitch your photos into panorama.



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