How to create Solus OS 3 Live USB

Solus OS – This tutorial will show you how to create Solus OS 3 Live USB. The new version of Solus OS 3 has been released. This new version brings a lot of improvements and I think its worth it to try. If you are Windows users and willing to try Solus OS 3 but don’t want to mess up with your existing OS, you can try Solus OS in Live mode. You will need a USB Flash Disk to create the Solus OS 3 Live USB. We can then boot any computer with this USB drive and enjoy Solus OS 3.


You will need the following items to create Solus OS 3 Live USB from Windows machine

Steps to create Solus OS 3 Live USB

First, download and install Etcher ISO Burner from the link above. Install it on your computer. Please note that the latest Etcher 1.1.2 supports and works with Windows 10 without problems. Now open Etcher and follow these instruction shown below.

create solus os 3 live usb

Please beware that the step above will wipe your USB flash disk content. So make sure you don’t have any data inside your flash disk.¬†Once completed, you can boot your computer with the USB disk. Don’t forget to set the first boot order to the flash disk. Thank you and have a nice day.

Etcher is not the only tool that you can use. Other software such as Rufus, Unetbootin should works as well.


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