Create Ubuntu 15.04 Live USB for Mac OS X

I have a MacBook Air and I want to run Ubuntu 15.04 on it using a USB flash disk. I searched Google and found a straight forward tutorial to create Ubuntu Live USB that is compatible for Mac OS X system. But unfortunately, I cannot get it works. But I found another (easier) way to create Ubuntu 15.04 Live USB for my Macbook. I follow the tutorial on this page, and it works like a charm.

Steps to create Ubuntu Live USB for Mac OS X

Before we go through, we need the following items in hand.

Prepare the flash disk

Open Disk Utility, that should be available through the Mac Launchpad. We need to create a new bootable partition on the USB flash disk.

Make sure you select or click the USB flash disk on the Disk Utility

create new partition 1

On the Partition Layout, select 1 partition from the dropdown list. On the Partition Information, enter the name for your USB flash disk and select MS-DOS(FAT) on the format section. Click Options and make sure you select Master Boot Record.

create new partition 2

Next, open Mac Linux USB Loader

mac linux usb loader

Double Click Create Live USB and browse the ISO file you have downloaded.

mac linux usb loader 2

Now the Mac Linux USB Loader will copy files to your USB Flash disk. When finished, reboot Mac and press alt/option button during boot. Select USB flash disk to boot from.

ubuntu mac


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