Deepin 15.3 is now released

Deepin is a beautiful Linux desktop developed by Chinese Linux Community. It has many interesting features and original software developed by the community. The new version of Deepin 15.3 is now available for download. Deepin 15.3 comes with a highly customisable dock, and wallpaper setting is more visual and convenient. Additionally, Deepin 15.3 brings Deepin File Manager, Deepin Image Viewer, new Deepin Terminal and other Deepin applications by default to enrich the whole ecosystem. (Deepin Blog).

Deepin 15.3 is the most advanced, user friendly Linux Desktop. Feel the difference, the better user experiences compared to any other Linux distribution. Deepin can be installed on Laptops and Desktop. Its available in both 32 or 64 bit version.


Deepin 15.3 will is very stable, powerful and supported by a helpful community. Try Deepin today and feel the difference.


Download Deepin 15.3 ISO


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