Deepin 15.3, The most beautiful Linux distro for Desktop

There are many Linux distribution available on the net which you can choose and install on your computer. To be honest, many Linux variants also make us confuse to choose which one is suitable for us, especially if we are not too familiar with Operating Systems. So, here I want to share my personal review of the new version of Deepin 15.3. This is the most beautiful Linux distribution for Desktop computer or laptop.

I realize that this is a bit subjective to say that Deepin 15.3 is the most beautiful Linux distribution. But if you have tried various Linux flavours on your computer, you may agree with my choice here.

deepin 15.3 screenshot 1.png

Deepin 15.3 comes with a simple, clean desktop with application Dock like Mac OS X at the bottom of the desktop. You can easily add or remove application shortcuts from this dock.

deepin 15.3 screenshot 2.png

The other thing that I love is the Deepin Launcher. With this beautiful launcher, you can access all installed applications and settings. Any installed applications is listed here. Additionally, you can also change the look of the displayed applications.

deepin 15.3 screenshot 3.png

The Control Center

deepin 15.3 screenshot 4.png

The Control Center provide shortcuts to various system settings such as Network Settings, Personalisation, Display Settings, Boot options and many more.

The Deepin Store

deepin 15.3 screenshot 5.png

Installing software in Deepin 15.3 made easier with built in Deepin Store, a package/software management for Deepin.

Multitasking Switcher

deepin 15.3 screenshot 6.png

Multitasking becomes a fun activity on Deepin 15.3. We can easily view and switch to another application with a single icon click.

Deepin 15.3 Features (end user point of view):

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Beautiful design
  • Complete applications (for Office, Internet, Development tasks)
  • Stable
  • Fast and lightweight
  • Supported by friendly and huge community

I am not going to encourage any Windows user to switch to Linux but if you have to do it at the end, Deepin 15.3 is a good choice.



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