Deepin 15.4 Screenshots Tour, A Redefined Linux Desktop

To be honest, this is the most beautiful Linux Desktop ever built. Deepin 15.4, a beautifully advanced Linux desktop for everyone. Welcome to the new Deepin 15.4, a Ubuntu based Linux with so many features and first of all, its really beautiful. Deepin was developed by Chinese Linux community and now it reached version 15.4. Currently it still in Beta development but we can try it.

The Desktop

deepin 15.4 desktop.png

New Control Center

I installed Deepin 15.4 on my old HP Compaq Mobile Workstation 8510w series. It works very well. The new 15.4 version brings a redesigned Control Center design.

Compare to the old Control Desing, the new Control Center is now more compact. It will expand when we click the account picture at the top

The update feature also available via Control Center. The new design is very usable and easier to use. The new Deepin 15.4 comes with Deepin screen recorder, an easier way to record the desktop screen in Deepin.

Launcher Menu

Deepin Store

Deepin Store offers an easier way to install more program to Deepin.

Installed Applications

There are some installed applications such as Spotify, WPS Office, CrossOver.

There are still many things to be explored in Deepin 15.4. Will cover the rest in video for the next post. Thank you for coming, stay healthy.


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