Deepin Linux 2014 Alpha Screenshot Tour

Deepin Linux 2014 Alpha is now available for testing. I was downloaded the Deepin Linux 2014 today and currently testing and exploring it. Overall, I am pretty impressed with Deepin Linux 2014. The brand new user interface give better experience in using Linux. Deepin Linux 2014 is almost completely different with previous version.

Here are some Deepin Linux 2014 Alpha Screenshots

Deepin Linux 2014 desktop


A simple dock appear on the bottom of the Deepin Linux desktop. This is the main tool to access applications, documents and any other shortcut.

Deepin Linux 2014 Launcher


When you click Launcher icon on Deepin Dock, you will see list of installed applications there. The applications are well organized based on categories. This launcher menu is much better than Unity or original Gnome has.

Better Control Center menu


When you click Control Center icon on the Dock or move the mouse to the bottom left of the screen, the fantastic Control Center menu will appear. This control center is the place where you can change many settings on Deepin Linux 2014 such as Display resolution, change theme, icons, access the network, mouse and keyboard control and many others. Also, the shutdown button is here.

I cant wait to download and install the final release of Deepin Linux 2014. Its amazing :)


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