Deepin Linux 2014 Beta Screenshots

The development version of Deepin Linux 2014 is now hit Beta version. Based on the developer statement, this Beta still contains bugs and still need more works to do. Deepin Linux is a beautiful Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. On this Deepin Linux 2014 there are many improvements and “radical” upgrade on its graphical user interface. Its a good progress and personally I love the new Deepin Linux 2014.

Deepin is a distribution that aims to provide an elegant, user-friendly, and stable operating system. The Deepin team has developed the new Deepin Desktop Environment based on HTML 5 technologies. The Deepin operating system has also shipped many other featured applications, including Deepin Music Player, DPlayer, Deepin Software Center etc.

Here are some screenshots of Linux Deepin 2014 Beta







For more information about Linux Deepin 2014 and download link please visit the Official website of Linux Deepin.


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