Deepin Linux 2014 is very good but very slow if run from a LiveUSB

Deepin Linux 2014 is probably the best Linux Distribution in term of its appearance. After PearOS that was previously stopped, Linux Deepin is a good alternative. If you are looking for a beautiful, eye catching Linux, try Deepin Linux 2014.

Currently I am testing the Deepin Linux 2014 Beta on my LiveUSB. It works like a charm and I can have a persistent mode on it. But, the performance of Deepin Linux 2014 on a LiveUSB is very slow. Its not responsive at all. Like it was stated on Deepin website, that we should not install Deepin Linux 2014 on VirtualBox could be the reason. Deepin Linux 2014 needs more power to run. Virtual machine and LiveUSB are not a good options to run this distro.

deepin linux 2014 very slow

I was failed to open Command Center when on LiveUSB. Also, the internet connection seems very slow. I have never had this kind of symptom on other Linux Distribution.

Apart from this slow performance on LiveUSB, Linux Deepin 2014 is the most beautiful Linux Distribution after PearOS. Keep the good work.


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