Delete files permanently using OW Shredder 6.41

OW Shredder is a simple but powerful tool to permanently delete files or folder from your computer. When you delete files using this software, chance to recover deleted files is almost impossible. Additionally, OW Shredder 6.41 can be used to delete partitions from your computer.

OW Shredder 6.41 has been released and there are many features available:

  • File and folder eraser
  • Full Drive eraser
  • Drive trace remover

ow shredder 01Additionally, there are many useful tools we can use such as:

  • Disk analyzer
  • Cluster analyzer
  • Disk stats
  • System recovery
  • Autostart manager
  • File unlocker

ow shredder 02OW Shredder 6.41 is available for free and it does not require installation. Download OW Shredder 6.41 from here and extract it. Run the executable binary and enjoy the app.


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