Dirty trick to fix error on Owncloud repository on Ubuntu 16.04

I am managing an Owncloud instance installed on Amazon AWS. It works perfectly and I set my system to upgrade automatically. But currently the automatic update was stopped because there are some missing package on my repository. The repository that reported to have missing packages is the Owncloud repository. It offers upgrade to Owncloud 10.xxx but then, the package itself is missing.

owncloud repo error.jpg


When I ran apt list –upgradeable, I notice the following items are listed.

owncloud/unknown 10.0.0-1.1 all [upgradable from: 9.1.4-2.1]
owncloud-deps-php7.0/unknown 10.0.0-1.1 all [upgradable from: 9.1.4-2.1]
owncloud-files/unknown 10.0.0-1.1 all [upgradable from: 9.1.4-1.1]

But when I tried to upgrade my system with apt upgrade command, it says could not found the owncloud package like this:

Err:1 http://download.owncloud.org/download/repositories/stable/Ubuntu_16.04 owncloud 10.0.0-1.1
404 Not Found [IP: 2a01:4f8:130:934f::3 80]
Err:2 http://download.owncloud.org/download/repositories/stable/Ubuntu_16.04 owncloud-files 10.0.0-1.1
404 Not Found [IP: 2a01:4f8:130:934f::3 80]
Err:3 http://download.owncloud.org/download/repositories/stable/Ubuntu_16.04 owncloud-deps-php7.0 10.0.0-1.1

I have been looking around the forums to find out what’s wrong with this and mostly I got the following suggestion to clean the package cache. Also I use –fix-missing command as well.

sudo apt-get clean
sudo apt-get update –fix-missing

The command should removes any missing packages but unfortunately I still have the same problems.

Dirty trick that works

This is not a proper way to solve this problem but it works for me.

First, I rename the owncloud.list file inside /etc/apt/sources.list.d into something else

sudo mv owncloud.list owncloud.list.backup

Then I ran update as usual

sudo apt update

At this point I got a warning, about the repository list file extension. I simply ignore it. Now I renamed back to the original

sudo mv owncloud.list.backup owncloud.list

And finally, I run update and my problem was fixed. I can now update and upgrade my system without problems.

I wish Owncloud team fix this issues in the next release since its very annoying for end users like me. If you have the save problems, please feel free to browse the Owncloud forum that discuss about this issue here.


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