Antergos 2016.10.23 is now available

Antergos is a free Linux distribution based on rock solid Arch Linux. The new version of Antergos 2016.10.23 is now available for download. In this new version, there are many improvements and bug fixes. Antergos 2016 delivered in Live DVD iso. You can try Antergos from Live USB or DVD ROM without having to install it to your hard drive.

Antergos is a rolling release distribution. Your entire system, from the base OS components to the applications that you install, will receive updates as they are released upstream—with only a minimal delay to ensure stability. Antergos 2016 comes with Numix theme and icons as default. Its a beautifully crafted Linux icon and theme nowadays.

antergos 2016.10.23

Download Antergos 2016.10.23 ISO

To download, please use the following links:

Be sure to read more about Antergos Linux on this blog. I will add more articles about Antergos on this blog.


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