Download Fotoxx 14.06 for Ubuntu 64 bit

The new version of Fotoxx 14.06 has been released. This complex image editor, image converter has many features for you. You can edit your photo using provided tools that come with Fotoxx. Fotoxx supports various RAW camera formats such as NEF, CR2, etc.. Also, Fotoxx supports all other image formats, including JPG, PNG, DNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, etc. in both 8 and 16 bits color.


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The new version of Fotoxx 14.06 comes with the following features:

  • The Window “tabs” paradigm was revised to improve space utilization.
  • The user guide has many minor revisions to reflect this change.
  • A custom convolution kernel can be edited and applied to an image.
  • These can also be saved to a file for later re-use.
  • Make thumbnails automatically for RAW files lacking embedded thumbnails.
  • Panorama: images can be moved and warped with the mouse to fix residual alignment offsets (parallax, horizon shift, others).
  • Fix Perspective: move corner markers in 1-pixel steps with the KB arrow keys.
  • Trim/Rotate: move trim rectangle in 1-pixel steps with the KB arrow keys.
  • Batch Convert has new controls to sharpen output images.
  • Batch Convert RAW has new controls to resize and sharpen output images.
  • Mashup can more easily adjust image overlaps and transparencies.
  • Behave more nicely when running out of disk space.
  • 3 minor bug fixes and a few other minor improvements.

Download Fotoxx 14.06 DEB for Ubuntu 64 bit


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