Download Hotshots 2.2.0 Screenshot Tool for Linux

Hotshots 2.2.0 is now released with some important updates. It was noted that Hotshots 2.2.0 now has options to display or not dialog before/after download. Hotshots is a GUI tool to take screenshots on Linux based system. Hotshots can be installed on most Linux desktop such as Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE and all their derivatives. Hotshots is an alternative to Shutter or Gnome screenshot tool.

hotshots screenshot

Download Hotshots 2.2.o and install it on your distribution. This is the source package which need to be compiled first before can be installed on your system. Also, this is not a distribution specific installation package.

Short Review about Hotshots

I have been using Hotshots for some times and love this software. This just works with me on my Ubuntu 14.04. It has all the tool to create rectangular, freehand, window grabbing. I can take any screenshot of my screen easily. Additionally, it has a built in image editor which can be used to add anotation to the screenshot.


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